Latitude and Longitude Activities

Latitude/Longitude world map to show class

Map_Coordinates.xls- click on it and then download it.

Brainpop- Latitude/Longitude


Latitude/longitude 16 questions

Help find Hannah- Latitude and Longitude Game

Latitude/Longitude Rags to Riches

Longitide/latitude quiz 10?'s

Another Latitude/Longitude Quiz

ABC-ya longitude/latitude
Where in the World?-Drag the lines to the correct location.

Continents and oceans

Continent Matching

Label Continents and Oceans

Choose Your Level Continents Game

Geospy locate continents

Geography Quiz

Country Research

National Geographic for kids
Time For Kids
Scholastic Global Trek

Types of Maps

4 Hemispheres Map to show class
Hemisphere youtube
Types of Maps- Examples
Maine Maps
Maine population map
US Census population density map
Look at a physical map of North America
Contour Maps Lesson
Interactive mini lesson- Reading a contour map
How to Make a Topographical Map
Topographical map of Maine
Example of a topographical contour map.
Another Contour map
Lesson- Reading a contour map


Quia Landform Matching Game
Lanforms and quiz
Mrs. Nusbaum's - Click on a landform to learn more about it.
Types of Land
Cool views of landforms from GoogleEarth
Exrtensive list and examples of landforms
Fun video overview

Skill Review
Tough Jeopardy Game
Quia Quiz- Jeopardy

Grid Maps

Grid Map mini lesson
Interactive Grid Map

Map Symbols

Reading a map-interactive

Fun and Easy Map symbols game

Use an Atlas

GeoNet Game
Alienz- Locate the countries
Another Quiz to locate countries
Map Skills Scavenger Hunt


Find an address

General Geography/Review

Quia- Mr. Bowerman's Geog. Review- 20 questions

5th Grade Skills

Learn the US States
Ben's Place the States
How Well Do You Know the US States?
place the cutout state on the map.
Learn the States and other links
Can You Find the states?